So, you are ready to purchase Monard custom shooting clothes from Oberle Enterprises.  Here is some information you will want to know.

Custom Suit Checklist

Custom Suits by Monard:
Consists of up to 29 different sections or panels for jackets and up to 18
different sections or panels for trousers, it offers customization of the
composition, thickness (non issf) and type of material used in each panel.  The
19 different measurements for jackets include separate right and left shoulder
profiles and separate front and back profiles. Trousers have 12 different measures.

The measurements are entered into a computer program where the ratios between
various points are checked against a historical database of similar measurements.
Any ratios that fall outside these typical ranges are double-checked or re-measured
before confirming the order to ensure the fit is right the first time. This
measuring process produces a custom-fit suit with the right balance of support and
comfort in each.

Measuring by Oberle Enterprises is Guaranteed:
If possible, it is best to have a staff member of Oberle Enterprises measure the athlete for custom clothing. This is to make sure everything is measured correctly and we are responsible for our mistakes. If we measure you for clothing, we guarantee the measurements are correct as long as the Athletes physical size does not change. (i.e Don’t eat too many donuts or go through a growth spurt or diet) However, we understand, not everyone lives close enough or has the budget to travel for measurements. In that case, we have created the below to help you get the correct measurements. Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to attend more events around the country, but for now, we will be restricted to Oklahoma.

Customer measurements:
In the event a customer is measuring we are providing this page as a guide. This page is meant to help you measure and to make sure we are doing all we can to assure your measurements are performed correctly and to get a finished product you will love for years to come.

Responsibility for Customer measurements:
Although every effort will be made to check all orders to make sure the measurements provided by the customer make sense as to the gender and physical appearance of the athlete (provide pictures at the time of ordering), mistakes sometimes happen. If it is found that an error is caused by the customer measurements or customer physically changing, the customer will be held responsible for the measurements provided. Oberle Enterprises and Monard Shooting cannot be held responsible for mistakes we did not make.  When measuring, one must be very careful to measure per the descriptions in the order forms and instructions give by Oberle Enterprises LLC and Monard Shooting.  If you follow the instructions and provided videos,  it should be relatively easy to get good measurements. Remember, we are only a phone call away.

Tips on measuring:
  • If you have access to a tailor or clothing maker, contact them to help you measure. Nearly all these measurements are standard clothing measurements. However, you need to insist that the tailor follow the Monard Measuring instruction 100% per the measuring forms(below) and videos at this link:
  • Always use a cloth type tape measure.
  • All measurements should be in centimeters. (Yes, metric system, is used in every country in the world except the United States. Dare to be different!) If you measure in Inches, do NOT convert the measurements to Metric. Leave the measurements in inches. Measure to the nearest 1/8 inch for the best fitting suit.
  • Wear the same underclothing when being measured as you will wear under your new suit
  • Tie a small rope or thin belt (1/4″) around the athlete’s natural waist so you have a common reference point for measurements from the waist to other points like “Trouser Length” and “Crotch Length”. Do NOT make it tight enough to change the waist size.
  • If the clothing item is for yourself,  have someone else measure you. Sounds obvious, but even self-measuring your hand for a glove can produce an incorrect measurement.
  • Measure multiple times on different days to make sure you are able to get a consistent measurement.
  • Have multiple qualified people measure. Make sure all get measurements that are nearly the same.
  • Just measure the size. Do not add any extra to your measurements. Do not pull the tape measure tight. You just want to measure your size. Pulling the tape tight does not make you smaller, it just messes up your measurements.
  • Do NOT add any room for growth or subtract for diet expectations. The reason you are ordering custom clothing is for a perfect fit.
  • If at any time during the measuring process you have questions, do not hesitate to call. It’s best to get it right than to have a finished product that does not fit.
  • Use the Monard Interactive Coloring to choose colors (Note: pick English at top right of page) Print your
    • Print your colors to a PDF and send them to me.
  • 5 Pictures required for all suit order
  • Custom Suit Checklist


NEW: It is now possible to use Monard’s Interactive Measuring form to get an instant check on self measuring. Print the below forms as a reference/directions. follow the link to the Custom Suit Measuring. Select “Measuring”,  then Add a new profile, provide a profile name, then fill in or select basic information, press  “Next”.  You will then see the measurements you will need to provide for your jacket. As you measure, put the measurements into the correct boxes. When done, click on “Check Measurements” “Info” will show up to the right of any measurements that seem to be outside of the normal expectation. Click on “Info” button to see the correct place to measure as well as a video. Double Check your measurement and once you are sure of the measurement, either correct the measurement or click “Confirm” if you are 100% sure your measurement is correct. repeat this step for every measurement that has the “Info” button beside it. When you are sure of your measurement, click the “Next” Button to measure for your trousers.  Repeat the same measuring steps for your trousers, until you are sure all are correct.

Hint: if you press “Check Measurements” button before submitting any measurements, the “Info” button will pop up for all measurements. This way, you can look at the instructions and videos before each measurement.

Custom ISSF Suit forms:
These forms can not be used for Junior or Starter clothing. because neither the Junior or Starter clothing is custom-made.  Each custom clothing model has it’s own measuring guidelines and can be found on the custom order form links below. Pick the correct form depending on which model you will be ordering.

Standard Suit
Air Rifle Only Suit
Prone Only Jacket (available in Super and Olympic (Leather) models)
Super Suit (This suit will not make you a superhero, but maybe a super Athlete?)
Olympic (leather) Suit
Super Nanotech
Super Extended

HighPower Jacket forms:

Custom XTC (Formerly HP+)
HighPower (Across the Course)  Ultimate
HighPower  (Prone Only) Ultimate 

Custom Sweater Form:

Custom Sweater

These order forms may seem a little overwhelming, but I can help. Give me a call and I can guide you through each part of the form and explain the measurements. Here you will find Measuring Videos from Monard for the various measurements that will need to be taken for custom suits. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Oberle Enterprises Commitment:

Oberle Enterprises is committed to great customer service and will do everything in our power to keep that commitment. In the unfortunate event, a customer order is not correct when delivered, Oberle Enterprises will work with the customer to resolve the issue per the terms and conditions. This does not mean Oberle Enterprise will take responsibility for mistakes that are not ours. We will work for a resolution that both parties can agree to.  However, we can not be held fully responsible for measuring we did not do. As an example, If the suit can be corrected with tailoring we will try to help the customer find a tailor who will be able to make corrections. In the event that another suit is required to be ordered with corrected measurements, Oberle Enterprises may help find a buyer for the miss-measured suit if possible.