Standard Sizes Jackets and Pant

I believe the “Junior and “Starter” line of clothing are the best off the shelf clothing available.

Monard’s entry-level “Starter” and “Junior” range of jackets and pants are ideal for newcomers to the sport and small shooting athletes (Juniors). These clothing items are perfect and affordable options for rifle clubs. The jackets are made of a strong durable double canvas, and are cut anatomically to optimize support for the shooter. These jackets have have stretch inserts in all the right places for the best possible comfort. The jacket is equipped with a sling holder, shoulder strap, a pocket and clips to attach start(bib) number .

The trousers(pants) have a Velcro closure on the left front part (for a right handed shooter). On the back of each leg, there is a two-way zipper, which can be opened from top or bottom for moving around and flexibility between positions..

These items are available in a wide range of standard sizes. Twenty nine (29) adult and eight (8) junior sizes are available.

All these are ISSF approved.

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