******ANNOUNCEMENT******* UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE – All Monard Custom Jackets purchased from Oberle Enterprises, will include FREE LETTERING up to 10 Letters (Per Suit Item). (Of course letter count can be negotiated)

There are several options for Custom Monard Shooting Suits. Monard has a suit for nearly every budget. You can be confident that no matter which suit you choose, all Monard custom suits are made to exacting standards using a total of 29 (17 for Jackets and 12 for pants) unique measurements just for you.  Whether you buy the entry level “Standard” suit, or the highest end “Super Extended” suit,  your suit will be made just for you!. All of the individual measurements are taken seriously by our manufacture. Every custom suit, independent of the level, have color choices included. So be assured that no matter which suit you choose, you will have a suit you will be proud to wear.

Because all Monard custom suits are made using the 29 measurements unique to the shooting athlete they are all designed for optimized comfort, flexibility and support while providing stability for several years. Each suit has different materials, characteristics and features. Of course, each suit has a different price depending on the style, technology and options you choose. In addition to your favorite colors, you can add your name and country initials to any of the Jacket and Pants and you can have leather sleeves on others..

You can be sure that all custom suits by “Monard Shooting” are manufactured to be compliant, to the current rules of the governing body they are designed for. Monard Shooting works closely  with organizations such as ISSF, NRA and CMP to make sure your suit is designed to pass each organizations equipment controls.

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