Robert: Thanks for the various updates on my orders. Your customer service and professionalism in handling Monard USA are impressive.  Doug

Robert;The new glove fits and works very well. I have found that the glove gives
significant support to my wristas well as serving to properly hold the rifle. It
will help me to vanquish my clubs fellow competitors, at least until THEY buy your
glove.You my of course use this message in your information data about the Monard
Glove as well as suggesting the purchase of a glove 1 1/2 sizes larger than the
chart would indicate. Thank you for your excellent customer service, your company
stands well above others.


I received both packages yesterday, glove and hat. I am very satisfied with both
Payment for the hat, a check, was sent last Monday.
Thank you,


Just a shout out for Mr. Oberle
I recently was looking to order some Monard gear and ran into a snag with the website. I sent him a note and within about 15 minutes had a response, and an offer to make it WAY more than right.
I placed the order after a brief email exchange, and received the gear the other day.
Communication was top-notch, and the way he took care of business means that I will be doing business with him again in the future.
Thanks again for outstanding customer service!

I also have had a very positive experience with Robert! We purchased “shorty” coats from Shawn a couple years ago, and mine was made WAY too short for some reason. Shawn did his best to try to come up with some resolution, but his association with Monard “ran out” before we were able to fix it. With just a brief mention of this to Robert, we’ve talked about him fixing it himself! I wasn’t aware, but he has the capability of doing the sewing himself and graciously suggested he obtain the material and lengthen it!
In this relativity small community we’re in, awareness of good or bad service is very prevalent!

Thanks for the quick service with repairs to my Monard jacket.