About Oberle Enterprises Staff

Robert – President

I will clear this up right away, I have 6 kids(8-28) and Two beautiful grand babies. Yes, I know how that happens. Yes, I own a TV and Yes I am Catholic. None of that has to do with why I have 6 kids. I just like kids for some reason (my lovely wife talked me into having them). They make me laugh and scream. Okay sometimes I just scream because I can’t control myself.

How did I get to where I am now? I like going fast and always have. Years ago, before I learned of competitive shooting, I heard there was a go-cart track just 20 miles from my home. It was close, we had to go check it out. While at the track, we talk to people/kids who raced about go-cart racing. It sounded great, There was a used go-cart for sale. I looked at my then young son (now 27 and a daddy), and I saw the next Tony Stewart. I was hooked on go-cart racing. He was going to drive, I was going to work on his go cart and eventually his race cars, until he raced for NASCAR. Maybe, I would get to drive really fast in/on one of them. We were set for life! Well, then reality set in. Three Hundred dollars,  we can’t afford that!! Dream bubble busted. I had no money. We moved on.

Fast forward a couple years, we get into Shooting. Go figure, we could not afford a $300 go-cart but now we are buying $3000 – $4000 rifles and I don’t get to drive a race car. However, every now and then I get to lay down and shoot some prone. I do alright and have some fun, but most often I get to be beat by little kids, but that’s another story. Not quite the same thing as working on and driving race cars, but it’s close. Right? Something seems to have gone wrong.  Life is funny that way, as I found out. I am not in charge.

So today 3 of my six kids (#3, 4, and 5) are competing in Air Rifle and Smallbore with USA Shooting and NRA.  Number one and two sons have stopped competing to make a living. One in the Army and the other is working in a hospital. Not too bad for a guy who was just hoping to have a race car driver in the family. Instead I got a couple heroes who want to help others, just like me. That makes me more proud than I could have imagined. Anyway, back to shooting.

With shooting I get to coach,  hold equipment, write checks, but most importantly I get to to hang out with my kids 3-7 days a week on a range.  Ya, others shooters are nice to hang out with sometimes too. I think I write the biggest check at every event we attend. I am not going to lie, I have said, “I should have bought the go-cart.” many times.

If my math is correct, I have been part of this sport we call shooting since at least 2003. WOW, time really does fly.  I have been coaching my kids and others ever since. Shooting is a great sport and done right it can teach a lot more than just how to shoot.  I have gotten a pretty good education. I have learned a lot from many others along my shooting journey. I hope I have pass some along to others as well. I hope to continue to pass on to others. I have volunteered in many youth organizations over the years and most included some sort of coaching and many involved shooting. I currently run a Junior Shooting program and assist in another. I am a USA Shooting member, volunteer, coach and official. I am a life member of the NRA with instructor certifications in rifle, pistol and coaching. I believe if we do not grow this sport, we will loose our right to keep and bear arms. Shooting sports is a sport in the same way basketball is, but without having to run after a ball and jump. Shooting is a sport for all ages and needs be promoted.  If we do not keep people interested, people will forget why we are allowed to own guns.

My family and I hope we will be able to make a difference and help others do better in their sport. We all want the sport to be appreciated for another lifetime. We hope that we can help beginners through high masters get the equipment they need and never regret not buying a go-cart. Okay, I still think the go-cart would have been really fun, but I would not have traded this ride for another!

I am here to help, Let me know if I can help you shoot better, because as someone once said, “It is all about winning!” My staff is below, and I hope some time in the future you will get to meet them, here or in person. Thank you!

Maxine – Creative Director and Mom

Maggie  – Director of Shipping and Receiving

Jacob – Director of Entertainment (AKA Comic relief)

Jesse-Anne – VP of Spiritual Leadership

Emma-Leigh – Administrator of Sass