Walther LG400 Monotec Expert

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The new monotec stock combines the versatile adjustment possibilities of the KK500 stock with a unique suspension. The action is not mounted in the usual fashion on the receiver but instead, the barrel is clamped into the stock. The advantage is that vibrations from firing are prevented from being transmitted to the barrel, where they can adversely affect shooting performance.

The Monotec mounting:

  • Simplifies selection of the right ammunition
  • Prevents stresses in the system, thus ensuring consistently outstanding shooting performance
  • Monotec unit can be adjusted in length and height depending on the requirements of the discipline and the shooter
  • Action can be removed and installed quickly without affecting trueness
  • The rifle can be sighted in when the stock is clamped in (monotec block)
  • The rifle can be disassembled for compact transport

The Monotech Expert stock design features:

  • Successful Expert butt stock
  • Precision stock length and cheek piece setting
  • Light metal butt plate MEC CONTACT III
  • Stock tilt is possible
  • Newly designed BIOMETRIC grip for optimum control of the shooting position

Electronic Trigger (Optional)

The time is right for the E!

Proven Walther technology with electronically adjustable trigger:
The e-trigger ensures wear-free operation and exact trigger settings for many shots. This makes it an ideal rifle for ambitious sport shooters. The LED-indicator and the installed rechargeable battery ensure the readiness to fire as well as easy and quick loading.

WALTHER E-TRIGGER – the advantages:

  • Trigger pull weight can be reduced to 15 g
  • Wear-free operation and exact trigger settings over many years
  • Choice between two-stage mode and direct trigger mode
  • Realistic dry-firing conditions (dry-firing trigger)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Rechargeable via mini-USB from any PC or charger
  • Charging time for 100 shots: approx. 1 min.
  • Total charging time: approx. 90 min.
  • Possible number of shots that can be fired with one battery charge: more than 5000
  • LED indicators for system readiness and battery charge level
  • Automatic e-trigger turn off when not in use