Walther GSP 500 .22


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During the development of the GSP500 Walther only had one goal in mind: To exceed the athlete’s individual performance levels.

The best-performing sport pistol is not simply more intuitive, more ergonomic, more accurate. The best-performing sport pistol paves the way for the perfect symbiosis of pistol and athlete.

Anatomic Grip, sizes S/M/L (right), M (left), adjustable palm rest, laminated wood, blue angel

Advanced Weight Engineering: The design of the GSP500 meets and exceeds standards in terms of overall weight, center of gravity, weight distribution, and balance. 


MODEL:                                2840341
CALIBER:                            .22LR
BARREL LENGTH:        123mm
TRIGGER WEIGHT:      1000g
CAPACITY:                         6
LENGTH:                             300mm
HEIGHT:                              140mm
WIDTH:                                50mm
WEIGHT:                             1040g
SIGHT RADIUS:               220mm