Uptagrafft Bloop Tube

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You MUST put the exact barrel diameter in the customer note section at checkout. Barrel diameter – Range of sizes available  (.800″ to 1.023″)
Measure the diameter in three places along the barrel with a caliper or micrometer. The micrometer is preferred.
Please put the rifle manufacturer in the note section for the custom tube when you order.

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Uptagrafft LLC sight extension tubes are made from 6061 aluminum and custom CNC machined to fit your rifle barrel.  The length of sight extension on our plain tubes ranges from 6″ to 15″ and is measured from the muzzle.  The dovetail is cut nearly full length and can be made to fit Anschutz, FWB, or Walther sights and accessories.  Uptagrafft LLC  tubes are anodized satin black.