TEC-HRO Support Stool 3.0


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The “TEC-HRO support stool 3.0” was specially designed to meet the needs of sporty support shooting while sitting.

During the design it was important to us: Stability, adjustable height range, and a seat cover that does not restrict the flow of blood to the legs due to the selected “triangular shape”.
The foot geometry ensures a secure footing and the rubber protective caps on the feet are slip-resistant.

The recess in the seat cover is used for easy transport with one hand.

If necessary, the seat plate can be replaced by loosening a Quick-release lever, which can be removed very quickly from the center tube to save space for transport.

The height can be adjusted from 48 – 75 cm without tools.
An attached cm scale immediately shows you the set height.

Weight: only 2,55 kg !!

A foam rubber pad is included, which you can also use elsewhere as a seat pad (not glued to the seat plate)

tested up to 100 kg weight

Height 48 cm to 75 cm