TEC-HRO Stand 3.0 offhand stand, tripod

From: $231.38

Handy carrying case included.


The new “TEC-HRO Tripod 3.0 Carbon” is here!

Even lighter, and more user-friendly in brilliant colors!

The following developments have been made:

  • New, lighter fiberglass/carbon fiber (carbon) tubes in five brilliant colors
  • weight-optimized thanks to the new design of the entire foot construction
  • Quick-release levers on rifle and ammunition rack
  • Ammunition Tray storage can be swiveled and can be moved anywhere on the stand
  • Ammunition storage suitable for upper, middle, and lower tube (e.g. also for kneeling!)
  • New angles (100° instead of 90°) of long feet to each other for increased stability

Thanks to new materials and new design, the weight could be reduced to only approx. 1.25 kg – despite 5 cm more extendable height (max. height = 170 cm)!

For the first time, it is possible to mount the ammunition rack on the middle and lower tubes, which was often demanded by athletes, so that one does not have to reach so far upwards in the knee-end stop.

The advantages of the rifle tripod “TEC-HRO tripod 3.0 carbon”

  • Rifle and ammunition storage, as well as the foot unit, are made of milled aluminum or POM plastic
  • assembled, the tripod requires very little space (length 67cm, diameter 9cm ) in a supplied tripod bag
  • very fast and easy to set up and dismantle without tools
  • The selected foot geometry allows you to place the tripod directly on the parapet without “giving away” space
  • The new shelf is located on the side of the tripod pipe, thus requiring less movement in the shooting process
  • The fiberglass carbon tubes with quick-release levers are extremely robust, very light – and have the pleasant side effect that they feel pleasantly warm.


First, a rifle tripod serves to relieve the back and ensures a quieter shooting process and is, therefore, one of the most important utensils for sporty rifle shooting!

Attention: A rifle tripod only serves as support. The rules of the sports order state that at least one hand must always remain on the rifle!

The new “TEC-HRO tripod 3.0 carbon” impresses with its high quality and functionality as well as an excellent price/performance ratio.

Tripods from TEC-HRO are the most commonly used rifle tripods in the present.