TEC-HRO Final Buttplate


Air rifle butt-plate “TEC-HRO final” for air rifle and support shooters!

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The aluminum butt-plate “TEC-HRO final” for air rifle and support shooters!!

Are you looking for a butt-plate for your air rifle that fits really well, is individually adjustable?

Then you’ve come to the right place!
Advantages and innovations:
  • very short, narrow construction, thus individual configurable shaft length (applies only 28mm!)
  • Adaptation to the shoulder radius – equally suitable for delicate or strong shoulders
  • best possible fixation through milled transverse grooves that minimize slipping.
  • High-quality production made of high-strength aluminum “made in Germany”
  • Attractive design
  • ergonomically or anatomically perfectly adaptable
  • Surfaces were hard anodized
  • the individual elements are clamped by “self-locking cone connections”
IMPORTANT: very easy to use/adjust!
During construction, great importance was attached to the simplicity of the settings. Therefore, it is absolutely simple to adjust the cap perfectly in just a few simple steps!
The cap applies only 28mm and is, therefore, shorter than most caps available on the market.
It can be Tilt right/left And also rotate vertically by 10° to the right or left. (Please observe the rules of the DSB/ISSF)

The width of only 23mm was chosen so that you can feel the cap well and it can be optimally “clamped” in the contact point (between the upper arm and shoulder muscle / or armpit). The shooting jacket forms a fold at the point in which the cap “wedges” itself, so to speak.

The individual intermediate segments can be combined/exchanged with each other – that is, you can set them e.B. all downwards or 1 segment upwards and one downwards, which omit…

The shaft cap was offset laterally (from the middle) against the mounting rail by 3 mm. This also makes it possible for older rifles, whose shaft cap mount is only possible in the middle, to mount the shaft cap closer to the body or further away from the body.

A 15cm long guide rail serves for a large height adjustment range on your air rifle, which is also a great advantage in air rifle three-position combat, for example.

Weight: only 150 g

Delivery incl. M5 mounting screws for attachment to your rifle

Suitable for shafts of: TEC-HRO, Feinwerkbau (FWB), Anschutz, Walther, MEC, TESRO, Grünig & Elmiger, Bleiker…