TEC-HRO Extender

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 598 points at World-Cup Ft Benning USA with TEC-HRO extender!!

This is not available for Walther.

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“TEC-HRO extender” is a new kind of sight extension for the “free-rifle”.

With “TEC-HRO extender” it’s possible to extend the sight-line for 10,5 cm. Because of this, it allows sighting more precisely!!

A further advantage of “TEC-HRO extender” is, that the height with the “distance-kit” (to order separately) starting from 11 mm, can be expanded in steps of 2 mm till max. 31 mm.

And you also have the possibility to adjust the sight sideways for 4 resp. 8 mm to the left or to the right !!

The delivery takes place including the correspondent diopter-elevation, without front-sight-tunnel.