While Supplies Last – TEC-HRO Distance Kit for System 2.0

From: $6.54


A word from TEC-HRO: “Unfortunately, the cost of manufacturing our distance-kit has increased to such an extent that we do not expect our customers to pay almost double the price for it in the future.

That’s why the distance kit will no longer be available from now on – but instead, there will now be the “distance kit light”, the “7 mm spacer piece” for expansion (also according to the new sports regulations until 80 mm increase is able) and the new 3 mm spacer kit.

The whole thing was not planned at such short notice, but since it is also possible to create almost all previous and even higher visor elevations with the new parts, and it also simplifies storage, we decided to take this step.

With this distance kit it is possible to vary the height of “TEC-HRO system 2.0“, the sight-elongation “TEC-HRO extender” or  “TEC-HRO system Auflage” any old from 11 – 31mm in always 2mm-steps. Consequently, you can find out the optimal position of your head in every position (prone, standing, kneeling, and also in the German discipline “Aufgelegt”) and calibrate them. The advantage of this distance kit is also, that you only need ONE sight-elevation, which you can adapt fast and exact (just in 3-position-match) and use for the next position !!