T-Handle Torque Screwdriver INDIVIDUAL 5.0


NOTE: This is the 5.0 only.   For a full set please click HERE.

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The torque settings are used by various manufacturers such as e.g. Walther, Anschutz, FWB and Bleiker. NOTE: You should always check the manufactures recommendations before choosing a particular torque as to not over tighten any screw. Lower torques settings should be used on smaller screws and bolts.

These torque wrenches accept all standard 1/4″ hex bits.

These are great for tuning your rifle action the optimal torque setting and will give you repeatable results.

Torque screwdriver with T-handle.
The torque is fixed. Toolholder with permanent magnet.
When the torque is reached the screwdriver triggers with a clearly audible and perceptible signal. The long-travel indication gives the user an unmistakable signal that the set torque has been reached.
In conjunction with 1/4 inch bits with C6.3 or E6.3 shank, e.g. Torx Plus® bit Ideal for precise tightening of indexable inserts to the specified torque.
Note: Supplied without bit.