Custom Monard Super Extended

From: $1,211.04

Prices shown are the base price. *BONUS* – Price shown includes free lettering on pants and Jacket.

Once you have made your suit selection someone will have to measure you. The best way to make sure you get the perfect fit is to have a conversation with us before going further. Contact me by phone: 720-670-6818 or Email: . If we can not do the measuring, read our Measuring for Custom Clothing page, download the appropriate forms and fill in the forms. Please contact us for any questions that come up. I would rather talk 1000 times than order a suit that does not fit.  Someone once said “Measure twice, cut once”

If you are looking for a little extra excitement, you can add some Letters and Metal Buttons.

Wearing the Super Extended Suit is Abhinav Bindra. Bindra has many world class competitions under his belt and won the Gold in Men’s Air Rifle at the 2008 Olympic Games in Bejing. This was the first individual gold medal for India ever.


The “Super Extended” is custom manufactured to fit the Athlete using the newly designed material called “Proliner” in both the shooting jacket and pants. Proliner material optimizes comfort, flexibility, and support while providing guaranteed stability for several years. Special rubber padding adapts optimally to the curve of knees and elbows, eliminating slipping and discomfort. The butt plate shoulder pad is made of soft suede for maximum contact and feeling. The “Super Extended” model is perfect for shooting prone, three positions and air rifle. The jacket is anatomically cut, with pre-curved sleeves for a perfect fit in all shooting positions. The Super Extended suit is custom made to fit the athlete. Proliner material has been on the market for over 5 years now and the clothes show 3.1 in ISSF stiffness test in suits that are being used every day. If you want clothes that will keep its stiffness you will want to choose the “Super Extended” Suit. The shoulder strap is adjustable sideways for better customization and comfort. The back has been cut to enhanced anatomical fit for maximum support in the standing position. Full suit includes a shooting jacket and pants.

The pants have a Velcro opening with four hook attachments. The pants opening slopes upwards from the inside leg and downward from the waist line. The pants have an opening at the groin (removed for flexibility and comfort in kneeling). This opening is in line with the left upper leg (for right-hand shooters). A soft comfort lining is inserted into the opening. The pants have a full-length two-way zipper at the back of each leg.

Free color choice is included. Manufactured to comply with current ISSF rules.

Don’t let the price fool you, this suit’s quality compares to any other manufactures top level suit. You will not find a better suit for your hard earned money. Monard has many many years of experience in getting a suit that fits just as you expect it to.