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SCATT Basic — is the newest, and least expensive model among all SCATT training systems. This model is designed to be a great training tool for juniors, beginners, and mid-level shooters who want to take the smartest and economical route to improve their scores, and shooting technique. It is capable of working inside and outside, at distances from 2.5 to 50 meters and, and supports both dry-fire and live-fire training.

Another standout feature of this model in comparison to other SCATT systems is the lack of an electronic target. This means that now you will be able to train by simply using a paper target or a standard target installation (i.e. SIUS). In live fire training, you don’t have to worry anymore about damaging the expensive device.

Shooting trainer contents:

SCATT MX-T02V2Optical Sensor – (model: MX-T02V2) mounted on a gun and connected to the USB port of your PC. The sensor registers with high precision all movements of your weapon during aiming and at the moment of the shot (trigger release).
The sensor weighs only 29 grams and therefore does not offset the balance of the weapon.

The optical sensor fit for training on distances from 2.5 to 50 meters.

The SCATT Software allows automatic calibration of the sensor in relation to the gun’s sighting axis, therefore, there is no need to make any adjustments to the weapon’s sights. The sensor also automatically compensates for the gun’s canting.

Diaphragm MX-T02V2Iris diaphragm — this part is mounted on the lens for outdoor practice with strong sunlight conditions.

Mounting parts set for SCATT MX-02Mounting kit for the optical sensor — includes allen key, a mounting prism with adjusting and metal strip with a screw that are used for fixing the sensor on the barrel of different diameters and cross-sections.
(Suitable for barrel diameters from 16 to 34 mm)

USB A-mini B cableOptical sensor’s interface cable — used to connect the optical sensor to the USB port of your computer, has a length of 3m.

Software — the simulator is equipped with a new, cross-platform SCATT Basic software that has a user-friendly interface and contains only the most essential features for training and analysis.