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SCATT Basic — combines the main features of our professional systems with the new “Basic” software, at a great price point. Despite being the least expensive SCATT model, it is still more accurate, well-built, and effective than any other competitor.

This model is designed for beginners and intermediate level shooters. It will be extremely useful for anyone from juniors to semi-professional shooters, who are serious about improving their accuracy.

The all-new SCATT Basic software doesn’t include all the sophisticated features of the SCATT Pro or SCATT Expert software, but still offers the most frequently used and valuable training features:

  • Precise aimpoint trace recording
  • Shot values
  • Timing
  • Aimpoint speed
  • Printing reduced scale targets, etc.

It also supports the most popular targets, including 10, 25, and 50 meter pistol and rifle targets. The new system also works for dry-fire and live-fire practice with 4.5mm and .22cal guns. It runs on Windows (ver: 7, 8, and 10), Mac, and Linux computers. One of the most unique features of the new Basic software is the ability to run up to four shooters simultaneously from one computer which will be great for shooting programs.