Sauer Top Ten Glove

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Order the glove for the hand you pull the trigger with. If you pull the trigger with you right hand, you need to order a right handed glove. If you pull the trigger with your left hand, you need to order the left hand glove. We understand support gloves goes on the opposite hand as you pull the trigger with.

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A completely innovative glove concept. The new Top Ten glove from Sauer is reinforced with newly designed inserts in firm, high-quality un-vulcanized natural rubber over the entire back of the glove up to the wrist, and on the palm. It is designed on the principle of an extensively cushioned leather glove that complies with the relevant rules. The new un-vulcanized natural rubber inserts provide both the required elasticity and the necessary firmness to suitably distribute the weight of the rifle. This makes the glove individually suitable for taking aim in any position. The open finger tips provide improved ventilation and at the same time enable this hand to be used for loading. The wide elasticized band on the cuff gives a snug fit and lies close to the wrist.