Sauer Easy Top Shoe

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The EASY TOP sports shoe from Sauer is a further developed version of the well-tried forerunner model Easy Style Flex. Besides the fundamentally new look, the EASY TOP comes with several new design features: The four-unit extension of the lacing allows an even better fixation of the foot inside the shoe, as well as optimized ground contact for the shooter. An important innovation is the integrated tongue solution that encloses the arch of the foot completely. Instead of a classic shoe tongue that is sewed in separately, the inside half of the inner shoe is extended in such a way that it reaches beneath the outer half and covers the arch of the foot all the way to the toes. Its well-developed padding prevents pressure points from developing. The enhanced footbed of the EASY TOP satisfies sport orthopaedic requirements. The raised heel area provides relief for the back during prolonged periods of standing and combats premature fatigue. Like the forerunner model, EASY TOP has a cast inward curving PTU sole to provide maximum stability by making contact over the whole surface. The rubber surround as stabilizing feature and protection from stretching was also retained. In accordance with ISSF requirements, the ankle area was kept free. The area below the ankle is well-padded all around.