RWS R10 Premium Match Rifle Pellet Tins (500 pellets)

From: $15.50

This price is for one tin (500 pellets) of a single lot

If you are looking for more tins of pellets than we are showing, do not worry! We have a ton of pellets available. We have many RWS R10 and a couple of JSB Heavy (blue tin) Pellets.  Because of the way we are currently doing test lots, we are no longer putting everything we have online. If you are wanting to purchase a test pack (a single lot of 45-50 Pellets) or test tins (Single lot of 500 Pellets), you will need to call and talk to us. I am confident that we have the best selection of test lots you will find anywhere.

IF YOU WANT TO DO PELLET TESTING or want to buy more non-specific lot number pellets than we are showing in inventory PLEASE CALL US AT 720-670-6818 and we will take care of you. THANK YOU.

RWS no longer marks their pellets with a size.  However, the item number will tell you what size they are.
RWS Item #2315015 = 4.49

RWS Item #2315014 = 4.50

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