Monard Half Finger Proliner Pro + Glove

From: $110.77

Glove Size Guide – Used to Measure for all Monard Gloves: Including Junior, Full and Half Finger (to get an accurate size, you need to measure in centimeters) Note: Do NOT pull the tape tight.  Round up to the next Centimeter. Pick the high side of the measured value. If you measure and select a glove within the chart, you will get a Glove that is very tight but will go on. If you pick a size larger, you get a little less tight and so on. Use this guide as a starting point.
Example: if you measure and get 24.5 cm,  use 25 as your measurement. Since the Large glove is 23-25cm and the XLarge glove is 25-27, I recommend choosing either the XL or XXL glove depending on the fit you like.
Measured Size        = Very Tight. Very Hard to get on
Measured Size +1 = Medium Tight,  Looser fit, but still a bit hard to get on
Measured Size +2 = Low Tight. Easier to get on


Ask other competitors  and your friends and they will tell you; the line of Proliner Gloves are the best you will find.

The Proliner Pro + Glove is a hybrid glove made of durable Leather, Proliner and Top-Grip material.  The Proliner Pro + comes in both Half and Full finger versions. You can decide whats best for you.

The Proliner material reaches down over the wrist and inside the hand for maximum stability. The backside of the fingers have Top-Grip rubber.  The Top-Grip provides a non-slip surface needed for position shooting. This Glove is great for Air Rifle, 3 Position and Prone.