Monard Junior/Starter Suit with Custom Colors and Measurements

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Monard’s  custom entry-level “Starter” suits are ideal for newcomers to the sport, and for rifle clubs. If you do not quite fit into one of the many standard sizes Monard offers, this Custom version will allow you to get into a quality well fitting custom suit at a very affordable price.

Monard custom suits are made using the 29 measurements unique to the shooting athlete they are all designed for optimized comfort, flexibility and support while providing stability for several years.

The “Jacket” is made of a strong durable double canvas, and are cut anatomically to optimize support for the shooter, with stretch inserts for best possible comfort. The jacket is also equipped with a sling holder, shoulder strap, a pocket and clips to attach start number tag. ISSF approved.

The “Pants” have a Velcro closure on the left front part (for a right handed shooter). On the rear side of each leg, there is a two-way zip fastener, which can be opened from top or bottom.

Lettering is extra on this jacket.