Monard Custom XTC Jacket (formerly HP +)


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Once you have made your suit selection someone will have to measure you. The best way to make sure you get the perfect fit is to have a conversation with us before going further. Contact me by phone: 720-670-6818 or Email: . If we can not do the measuring, read our Measuring for Custom Clothing page, download the appropriate forms and fill in the forms. Please contact us for any questions that come up. I would rather talk 1000 times than order a suit that does not fit.  Someone once said “Measure twice, cut once”

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Monard’s mid-range HighPower Jacket has been renamed to avoid confusion. This jacket is the custom version of the XTC Jacket.  This XTC version os made to fit your individual measurements and color personality. With up to 19 measurements and your choice of colors used in the manufacturing of this jacket, the fit will be exactly what you want from a custom jacket. You can let you personality show along with your shooting skills.
The Monard Custom XTC Jacket is made for the HighPower shooter.  The Custom XTC  jacket is made of double canvas with a covering layer of water repellent Cordura. The back part has triple layer canvas with a covering layer of water repellent Cordura and ventilation ports. The arm bends is just a single layer of soft Cordura. The jacket has 5 buckle closures and zippers in the lower part of the sides to make it easier in different shooting positions like sitting and kneeling. The stiffness is like in ISSF jackets. The back of the Custom XTC has added stiffness.  With your choice of colors, and a few available option,  This is the mid-range and Custom HighPower jacket you have been looking for.

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