Monard Junior Half-Finger Glove

From: $40.80

Glove Size Guide – Used to Measure for all Monard Gloves: Including Junior, Full and Half Finger (to get an accurate size, you need to measure in centimeters) Note: Do NOT pull the tape tight.  Round up to the next Centimeter. Pick the high side of the measured value. If you measure and select a glove within the chart, you will get a Glove that is very tight but will go on. If you pick a size larger, you get a little less tight and so on. Use this guide as a starting point.
Example: if you measure and get 24.5 cm,  use 25 as your measurement. Since the Large glove is 23-25cm and the XLarge glove is 25-27, I recommend choosing either the XL or XXL glove depending on the fit you like.
Measured Size        = Very Tight. Very Hard to get on
Measured Size +1 = Medium Tight,  Looser fit, but still a bit hard to get on
Measured Size +2 = Low Tight. Easier to get on


Monard Junior gloves have a superior fit. They are made of soft durable artificial leather with a thick and supple cotton lining to absorb pressure. Stretch band on the wrist for additional stability. The extraordinarily adhesive white rubber grip prevents slipping.