TEC-HRO Iris glass-holder

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Iris glass holder

This iris glass holder made of rubber makes it possible to fix a spectacle lens directly in the iris or a color filter.
This glass holder is particularly suitable for shooters who DO NOT have corneal curvature or for shooters who shoot at the diopter without adjustable iris!
(In the case of corneal curvature, the spectacle lens has a marking, which must always be in the place indicated by the optician – ie, for example, above.) If the iris were twisted on the diopter, ie the opening was larger or smaller, Turn the glass and the marking is no longer in place, as the optician had suggested!)

For assembly, the spectacle lens (maximum diameter of the glass should not exceed 23mm better 22mm) is simply placed with the curvature forward in the iris and then fixed with the rubber glass holder.

From the 2017 sports year, the use of an eyeglass holder/glass holder is permitted for all shooting disciplines and in all classes! The iris-glass holder is equated with the glasses!

Suitable for Diopter by Anschütz, Walther, TESRO, Feinwerkbau, Gehmann, Hämmerli, Centra, MEC and TEC-HROIris glass-holder