Feinwerkbau 800X Air Rifle

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The model range 800 sets a new standard insofar as the quality, functionality, design, and shooting performance of match air rifles is concerned.

No compromise about the incorporated technology.
High-quality materials combined with the know-how of several generations bring optimum preconditions for the next generation of compressed air rifles.

An innovative principle of the pressure reducer with an optimized control action cares for an even more stable outgoing of the shots. By using high-precision trigger components and an improved escapement, model 800 shows an extremely short development time for the shots.

Attention should be paid to the various adjustabilities of model 800 X.
The rear stock can be put crosswise twice and is adjustable in height and dividable – and this without the interference of the preset sight-line.
Conversion of the stock from right to left is possible without complexity.

The cheekpiece disposes of two edge radiuses (square or round) and can be rotated by 180°  enabling the shooter to determine his most favorable aiming position. Moreover, the cheekpiece is adjustable in height, shiftable, and pivoted.
Cocking lever of model 800 in basic position is free-adjustable by 360° and can be pivoted to the inside and to the outside.

The shapely design of model 800 X impresses visually with the typical-distinctive Feinwerkbau lines.
The revolutionary front stock cares for an obviously innovative looking and cares in addition for optimal damping characteristics of the system in the Aluminium stock.
The vario sight has been face-lifted – so the various adjustment possibilities of the sightline have been shapely realized.