Sauer Exact IV Shooting Sling

From: $170.59

The new Sauer Exact IV shooting belt has undergone further refinements. It is now fitted with a simple strap in the area of the forearm to give better contact between forearm and wrist. The loop for passing through the swivel of the hand stop is adjustable and therefore suitable for all makes of rifle. As previously, the length can be adjusted by means of the two-prong buckle.

Like its predecessor, the Exact IV is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed use. Simply loosen the screws on the upper-arm loop, rotate the loop through 180° and retighten the screws. The holes provide a further method of varying the length of the upper-arm loop. The sophisticated fastener system makes the length of the upper-arm loop infinitely adjustable. It is easy to use and highly effective in its functionality.

The upper-arm loop and the forearm strap are fastened by means of a thumb wheel which can also be used for fine adjustment of the overall length when the rifle is shouldered. The position of the adjustable strap buckle for fastening the sling holder to the sling can also be adjusted by means of the holes.