Custom Sauer Advantage Performance Suit

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With its time-proven fit and workmanship, the new Advantage PERFORMANCE jacket is on a par with our top model Advantage EXTRA. Now Sauer is introducing a new innovative material: SA-Tec. It is made entirely in Germany, has extremely high tensile strength, retains its shape and yet still affords great flexibility. It offers the shooter a long-lasting, individual fit and with it the prospect of practicing his/her sport at a consistent standard. The PERFORMANCE guarantees the shooter stability and at the same time as much flexibility as is needed and desired for each position. The SA-Tec material is vegan and absolutely odor-free. Light soiling can be easily washed off.

Sauer’s popular Comfort trouser model is now also available in the innovative material SA-Tec as Comfort PERFORMANCE. Together with the new Advantage PERFORMANCE jacket it forms the new PERFORMANCE line. The PERFORMANCE trousers are made almost entirely of the SA-Tec material. The front opening has a double Velcro® fastening and together with the Velcro® tape as trouser fastening at the waist enables optimum adjustment of the trousers around the waist and the hips. Knee pads made of Top Grip, the diagonal two-way zips on the back of each trouser leg together with the generous opening in the crotch are particularly comfortable in the kneeling firing position. Thanks to the new SA-Tec material the Comfort PERFORMANCE is now substantially more stable, offering the shooter both stability and flexibility at the same time.

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