Prescription Shooting Lens

From: $50.00

We now offer custom lenses made with your specific corrective eye prescription!
These lenses are made to fit many different lens holders. Contact us for specifics.

Any size single vision round lens from 1/4″ to 2″ diameter, in 1/4 diopter steps. Opthalmic quality polycarbonate with Anti-Reflective coating. Chamfered edges optional to fit lens holders. Sphere, or cylinder lenses to correct for astigmatism. Lens powers can match a prescription, or be adjusted to optimize for shooting vision.


Cylindrical lenses for astigmatism need to be oriented based on your prescription.  If you order cylindrical lens, you will need to experiment with the lens orientation in the frame to achieve the correct orientation for you.  This is as simple as turning the lens in the holder until you find the optimal view for you. Polycarbonate is impact resistant, however these lenses are not safety rated for impact, and should never be relied upon to provide eye protection while shooting.

Lenses are custom made upon order, so it may take 2 weeks to fulfill the order.


These are made to order.  Provide  the following and we will  get you the prescription lens you need:

  • Current Prescription  (within the last 12 months) a scan or picture is fine. This is required by our lens makers. (email to: with your order#)
  • What you will be shooting (rifle or pistol)
    Rifle will have a  +.50 correction
    Pistol will have a  +.75 correction
  • Your dominant eye
  • The lens diameter you need (The name of your lens holder is optimal i.e. OE monocle)

If you buy a TEC-HRO or OE  lens holder from me or you already have a holder or glasses from somewhere else, this is the lens for you.