Champion Filters (no clip or holder)

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This is for the FILTER ONLY!
If you are looking for the clip with filter go HERE  
If you are looking for the empty clip (no filter included) go HERE

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The choice and use of colored filters has always been a subject of discussion among shooters of all disciplines. It is a question of striking a balance between general guidelines according to the physical properties of different colored lenses and personal feelings. Generally speaking, if a colored filter can improve your aiming ability without causing undue stress on your eyes, then it is the right one to use. Champion currently supplies a series of high-quality colored filters made of coated optical glass. (Glass is preferred to plastic because it has less distortion and is not as easily scratched.) Each filter is fitted on a spring-loaded clip-on lens holder so that you can put the filter on or take it off in seconds, even while you are wearing the glasses. Champion colored filters come in three sizes (42mm, 32mm, and 25mm) and six colors (yellow, brown, grey, orange, ACE (blue), ACE 40%).