Champion Clip On Filter

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This is a clip WITH the filter.
If you are looking for just the clip without the filter please see THIS link.
If you are looking for a filter with no clip, please go HERE.

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Should I use colored filters and how should I choose which one to use?

The choice and use of colored filters has always been a subject of discussion among shooters of all disciplines. It is a question of striking a balance between general guidelines according to the physical properties of different colored lenses and personal feelings. Generally speaking, if a colored filter can improve your aiming ability without causing undue stress on your eyes, then it is the right one to use. Champion currently supplies a series of high-quality colored filters made of coated optical glass. (Glass is preferred to plastic because it has less distortion and is not as easily scratched.) Each filter is fitted on a spring-loaded clip-on lens holder so that you can put the filter on or take it off in seconds, even while you are wearing the glasses. Champion-colored filters come in three sizes (42mm, 32mm, and 25mm) and five colors (yellow, brown, grey, orange, ACE (blue)). In the event that you want a custom-made colored filter of your own, Champion offers you a clip-on lens holder without a lens. So you can take this lens holder to your local optician and ask them to cut any filter to fit your clip-on.