Centra Score Front Sight Tunnel

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Color? I purchase whatever colors I can get. If you want a specific color just ask. If I have the color I can send it. If I do not have it, I can order it. If you don’t need a specific please let me know that as well. Specific colors could take several weeks to get depending on the manufacture.

Rifle Manufacture(Anschutz/Blieker, FWB, and Walther in stock)? I keep the tunnels and bases separate so I have what you need. Let me know what rifle you have and I will put together the right combination for you. This allows me to keep inventory under control and better serve you!

Thank you

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Infinitely variable, and swivels on the axle without any tool.
Insert-able cross pin for tilt control.
Exact reproduction of different cant angles by scaling.
Small vertical reference bar.

Centra/Mec item # 19906003, 19906203, 19906002, 19906202, 19906201, 19906001
OE SKU # 19042, 19043, 18335, 18337, 15165, 15174