Centra Score Composite Sight Tunnel- Transparent

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Note: Because we are implementing a “build a sight” methodology, we have many more front sight combination available than are reflected in our online inventory. I am working to improve the situation. It is very likely that I have front sights available for your application. Please either order what you are looking for or contact me directly to check availability. If I do not have what you are looking for, I will let you know quickly. Then you can decide if you want to wait or not. I apologize for this situation, but I believe this methodology will allow me to serve my customers  in the best way possible. Robert


Centra Score Composite Sight Tunnel- Transparent
Transparent casing for maximum brightness and contrast, combined with an aluminum guide eye for increased stability.
Step-less rotation around an integral axle.
Crossbars can be inserted to check canting.
Sensational target image.

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