Athena At Home with NC200


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Introducing Athena: The World’s First Affordable Electronic Scoring Target

Athena at Home is the world’s first affordable Electronic Scoring Target for home use. It is the first Internet of Things enabled device powered by Amazon Web Services technology. Athena at Home comes with Red/Green lights that mount above the device to indicate to the shooter when to start/stop in practice and formal courses of fire.

The Athena at Home NC200 model is designed specifically for Air Rifle, Air Pistol, and Smallbore Rifle.

The Athena at Home with NC200 requires that the customer provide their own backstop.

Bundle Includes:

  •  NC200 Electronic Scoring Target
  •  DoW100 Athlete Monitor
  •  Backstop not installed
  •  Red and Green Start and Stop Lights
  •  Mechanical 3PAR target lift
  •  Choice of aiming mask for air rifle or air pistol
  •  Scoring options for 10m air rifle, air pistol, reduced high power rifle, or 50ft smallbore rifle
  •  Dozens of informal and formal training options
  •  2 Paper Rolls