ahg Riser Block Tower

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Product information “Raised sightline” TOWER “

Thanks to a robust two-sided tooth profile, the line of sight of the new Elevation Tower can be adjusted solidly and easily in eight stages without intermediate pieces or discs. This offers advantages, especially in the standing and kneeling position. When aiming at the target, the twisting of the head is reduced to a minimum, thereby largely avoiding tension in the neck or back area. The base height is 27 mm and can then be increased gradually by 1.5 mm to a maximum of 38 mm.
Due to the long guide rail of the tower, the rear
sight can be brought closer to the eye, which is particularly advantageous for bench rest shooters.
The sightline extension tower is clamped onto the barrel and locking prism with spring-loaded clamping claws without distortion
The tower raised sightline may be used in all air and small-caliber rifle disciplines. However, it is important to ensure that
the air rifle discipline does not exceed the permitted height of 60 mm according to the sports regulations. It is measured from the front sight tunnel center to the running center.