7mm Spacer for Tec-Hro System 2.0 and Centra Block Club


Set of 4 spacers

45 in stock

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With these spacers, it is possible for you to increase/extend the height of your visor riser from the “TEC-HRO system 2.0 series” by 7 mm.

It is also possible to screw several of these 7 mm spacers on top of each other!

In order to reconnect it to the top plate of the visor riser, the “zero pin” supplied with the visor riser from the “TEC-HRO system series” is screwed on at the top.
Alternatively, any other height from the TEC-HRO Distance Kit / individual distance heights can be screwed on and combined.

This means that heights up to the maximum permissible total height (since March 2023, the distance between the center of the barrel and the center of the grain for air rifles may be 80 mm instead of the previous 60 mm – there is no limit for the free weapon) and more are possible.

The side hole is used for tightening, e.g. by inserting a 2 socket wrench through it.

The spacers are made of stainless steel.
A set at the indicated price consists of 4 distance pieces!

These 7 mm spacer pieces also fit with some increases from competitors such as some MEC/ Centra…