502 Mini Rearsight Iris


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502 mini rear sight iris
  • The compact design ensures a perfect fit for modern, slim diopters to observe the wind flags while in position
  • The aperture could be steplessly adjusted from 0.8 to 2.4mm to meet the shooter’s expectations on the depth of focus
  • With M9,5×1 thread, it suits all common sporting rifles
  • Spring steel elements ensure ruggedness and durability
  • To guarantee a complete round picture on any adjustment, the inside curves of the iris are diamond grinded
  • Antireflecting treatment and the use of a special coating ensure an undisturbed perspective
  • The spring tension of the iris lamellar leads to an exact adjustment of the aperture at every diameter
  • A stable connection between the iris construction and the base body excludes a bullet shift even at heavy use
  • The adjustment scale is laser engraved for a perfect readability
  • Made in Germany