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  • Walther – KK500 Expert

    From: $6,675.00
    Call for availability and backorders

    Walther – KK500 Expert

    The purchase of this product requires us to send it to a Federal Firearms License  holder.
    Please send a copy of the of the above license to:   ffl@oberleenterprises.com
    Include the order # in the email.
    If you have a question about this please call us at 720-670-6818

    How does it work?

    Per Federal LAW, firearms can only be shipped to an Federal Firearms License holder.

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    1. Call to get all your questions answered
    2. Pick your KK500  barrel length(690 or 650 or 650 Light)
    3. Pick your Trigger( Mechanical or Electric)
    4. Pick your dominant hand in the check box.
    5. Pick your grip size..
    6. Call or email me and let me know which you are interested in
    7. I call the distributor and see if one is available (This may take up to 24 hours, but it is usually much shorter
    8. I return your call or email (I always respond) to let you know one is available or when one is expected.
    9. If a rifle is available and you are ready to order, you go online to order and pay.
      • If one is not available, but you are willing to wait for it, you can order and pay online or order online, and pick “Check Payment” to pay. This will get you on the list to get a KK500
        • Once the KK500 is available,
          • if you paid online, we will send the rifle to your FFL
          • If you picked Check Payment, we will email you an invoice with a link to pay online. You can click on the link to pay.
            • we will ship your KK500
    10. Send me an email with the FFL paperwork to whom it will be shipped or their contact information so I can request their FFL. The rifle will have to be shipped to the FFL on the paperwork.
    11. I will make arrangements for the Rifle to be shipped. This usually takes less than a week, but it does take time.
    12. Your rifle will ship via FedEx and will require an adult to sign for it.


    I reserve the right to change this to correct my errors. Thank you


    From: $6,675.00