Alterations and modifications.
Occasionally, shooting clothing may not fit the way you like or need to be repaired. Maybe you lost some of your winter weight, and need a little different fit.  Sometimes zippers break. On some occasions, you order a new custom suit and well, the person measuring the suit or the manufacturer did not get it 100 % right. Maybe a rule has changed or been added. Maybe your old suit can be modified to make it compliant.

You no longer have to get a new suit (within reason) or have unneeded stress that often accompanies these life events. There is no longer a need to find a boot repair or other shop to work on your shooting gear. There is now a place who understands what a shooting jacket is and how to work on them. I am a certified coach, instructor, and official for USA shooting, NRA, and CMP. I am also a shooting athlete (although I use that term loosely).,

Having someone in the business who knows the rules and is in touch with the various ruling bodies can come in handy.   If you agree, give Oberle Enterprises a look.

Oberle Enterprises has some equipment and talent to modify or jackets and pants.

Maybe you are familiar with the CMP controversy over Monard HighPower jacket stiffness? Well,  Oberle Enterprises has been in touch with CMP and Monard to assure that, all new jackets are 100% compliant with the CMP interpretation of their rules. If you have an older Monard Ultimate HighPower jacket (pre-2017) your jacket is most likely illegal.  However, do not worry, your jackets can be modified to bring it into CMP compliance. Your modified jackets will also have a tag added to show your jacket has been made CMP compliant.  Read the article on the CMP website for more details “CMP AND NEW U.S. JACKET DISTRIBUTOR RESOLVE ILLEGAL SHOOTING JACKET ISSUE”

Oberle Enterprises is NOT a monopoly when it comes to this repair. We are just offering a service to get Monard Jackets into compliance with what we believe is a new CMP rule. We are NOT affiliated with CMP other than we talked to the CMP to fully understand the rule.  We can help people get their jackets compliant and assure that new jackets are compliant.  Unlike the government, we are really here to help.  Do you have another shop you want to use or heck, maybe you think you can do it yourself, that is up to you. The rule does NOT state that Oberle Enterprises has to do the work. It just so happens we have the expertise,  materials, and equipment to do the job right. We can provide information about what we are doing to make your affected jackets legal. If I am awake, I am working. Give me a call Robert.


Here is a modification we added to a TEC-HRO stand. This modification, the top piece added, allows for the spring stand that Paralympians use.