Item #Description / Link
2Bolt Assembly
4aTube 026
4bTube 022
4cHolder silver
7Clamp piece
8Spacer sleeve
9aBarrel 650/026, w/o test firing
9bBarrel 650/022, w/o test firing
9cBarrel 690/026, w/o test firing
9dBarrel 690 Stainless 026, w/o test firing
10Bolt Handle
11Guide piece FT
13Cartridge lifter
14Bushing 2
15Bolt handle
16End cap
18Extractor plunger
19Cartridge holder FT
21Firing pin
22bBolt MB
23Clamp sleeve
24Bolt carrier
25aBolt handle
25bRepair kit bolt handle with screw
26Cocking knob
27bSet of washers
28aExchange M-trigger
28bExchange E-trigger
29Trigger housing
30Vario trigger blade
31Trigger carrier
32Trigger carrier
34Pressure piece
35Tab, second FT
36Tab FT
37Trigger blade
38Cylinder pin 01.5 m6 x5
39Cylinder pin 02.5 m6 x 10
40Cylinder pin 03 m6 x 10.8
41Cylinder pin 03 m6 x 16
42Cylinder pin 03 m6 x 24
43Cylinder pin 03 m6 x 30
44Cylinder pin 03 m6 x 14
55Cylinder head screw M2, 5 x 18 DIN 912-A2
56Cylinder head screw M2, 5 x 16 DIN 912-A2
63Countersunk screw M4 x 6 DIN 7991
64Setscrew M3 x 3 DIN 913
65Setscrew M3 x 4 DIN 916
66Setscrew M4 x 5 DIN 914
67Setscrew M4 x 0.35 x 6.5
68Compression spring
69Compression spring
70Compression spring
71Compression spring
72Compression spring
73Compression spring
74Compression spring
75Compression spring
76Compression spring
77Shim ring 3 x 5 x 0.25
78Shim ring 3 x 6 x 0.2
79Washer 2.7 DIN 125
85Spring sleeve
86Ball bearing
89Dowel pin SG 2 x 14
90Dowel pin SG 3 x 16
92Cleaning rod guide